Sunday, 1 June 2014

Bees in the Garden.

I mentioned in my last post that we are fortunate enough to have our very own bee hive here on our property. Some may think that`s awful, but we love them. It never ceases to amaze me how scared of bees people can be. I know there are some who are highly allergic to their sting and must avoid them at all cost, however, when I see a child or adlult literally run away for fear of them, well, I just have to shake my head. You should teach your children to stay still as a statue and just watch their busy work. Fascinating creatures really, who are just as happy to ignore you, as they go about their industrious business.

Most gardeners like the little fellows though. We`re not scared of em at all. We know the worth of the bees in our gardens - particularly the vegie patch. If your not getting your fruit and veg to set fruit, most likely you don't have enough bees to cross pollinate. Having a large vegetable garden, I encourage them in with this perennial purple salvia. It`s in flower just about year round and the bees go crazy for it!

Our bee hive is in an old dead tree, which many years ago I planted out with a vigorous old French rose called `Clair Jaquier`. She still flowers each spring even though I haven`t pruned her for a long time. I don't want to upset the residents. Late in the afternoon, especially on hot days, you can smell the sweet sugary honey in the hive. I`m sure that half the trunk is full! Can you see the hive in the middle of the tree
We don't tap into the hive and all that delicious honey though. There`s no way to get at it in the trunk.
And during winter there are very few pollen laden flowers in the garden so the bees live off their hoarded supply.
I love standing close to the tree in the late afternoon when all the busy workers are heading back home for the night. If you stand deadly still, the bees blast right past your face to get to the hive. I remember once, I was mowing the lawns with our ride-on mower. I mowed past the tree - as we do every time we mow, and I upset one of the guarding bees. It decided to give angry chase so I took off at an incredibly slow rate on the ride-on, swatting and yelling like a very slow crazy woman. Bet the neighbours loved that.
Still, for all the bees floating around our property, I rarely get stung - damn wasps are worse!
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