Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Plant a tree NOW...cause they take forever

When we built our house sixteen years ago, while the brickies were hard at it, I was digging large holes and planting my first trees. I will always remember seeing them shaking their heads, obviously thinking there were more pressing things to be done building on acreage. So while the roofers were roofing, I was still digging holes and planting tiny trees - I knew something that they did not.
Trees take many, many years to grow towards their full potential. We purchased a large sloping block that was virtually bare apart from the big brick shed and a massive Turpentine tree that still drives us mad with the horrid woody berries it drops by the millions.

So sixteen years on, my trees are doing everything I knew they would. One of the hardest parts of starting a new garden is creating wind breaks and shade to protect tender plants - something that is not achieved overnight. This Waterhousia Lilypily now gives ample shade and protection.
Most conifers are slow growing. I have used Spartan Juniper as wind barriers. Arn`t they lovely.

And then there are the pretty trees, planted for autumn colour or long awaited flowers.
       `Albizia` has thousands of pink powder puff flowers. More Spartan Junipers are behind in a semi circle as a windbreak.We call them `The sentinals`.
The delicate flowers of `Cercis Canadensis` come before any foliage in spring. It has lush spreading foliage till winter then loses it`s foliage. It will eventually have a wide spreading habit.

             The pretty flowers of the `Cape Chestnut` look like tiny orchid flowers up close.               This tree was given to me 12 years ago as a birthday present. It`s going to take a few more to reach it`s full potential.

Close-up of the `Cape Chestnut` flower
The `Golden Elm` has struggled this year with drought and now` borer` - a nasty pest here in Australia that bores holes throughout the trunk - what a mess - don't know if it will survive
I love golden foliaged trees - they turn brilliant yellows in autumn. This gently weeping `Gleditsia` is only four years old! It`s branches hit the ground when it`s heavy with rain.
I havn`t even covered half of the wonderful assortment of trees here - Maples, Crabapples ...........  just remember to GET YOUR TREES IN, cause they take a long time to grow.

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