Monday, 30 December 2013

What`s `blue` at Bloomfield

Walking around the garden last week, I was surprised at the amount of `blue` plants flowering at the moment, so I thought I would share with you. Now I know there are not many true `blue` flowers and they are particularly hard to photograph true to colour, so I should say blue and purple flowers. So, here we go...  Lets start off with just a good old Petunia - probably more purple than blue, but oh how pretty

If you need a good ground cover, this is it! Convolvulous `Moroccan Beauty`.It doesn't `wander` like it`s counterparts and flowers for many months in a sunny spot.

This area covers about three metres or 10 foot

This tall and vigorous salvia `Black and Blue` attracts many butterflies.

There are many different salvias here as they are tough and hardy

A spectacular large shrub or small tree - Duranta `Geisha Girl`. She flowers freely throughout the summer months

Always a crowd pleaser - Brugmansia, sometimes commonly known as `Morning, Noon and Night` or ` Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow`

One of my more unusual treasures...Iochroma. Quite a tall and fast growing plant that we treat as a perennial here and cut it back hard each year

Close-up of the unusual flowers - they do make a lot of mess dropping thousands of flowers daily

There is nothing quite like an old fashioned blue Hydranga

     And then we have the dainty little dwarf Agapanthus -`Baby Blue`, always a pretty sight when mass planted

I know, it`s not blue - but these dear little Angelonias were too pretty to be left out

And lastly, the pale blue Plumbago that is hedged along one of our boundaries. I have a love/hate relationship with this plant that attracts gazzillions of butterflies - the down side? It sticks like glue to the dogs fur and even my hair when pruning!

So that`s what`s Blue just now... but looking around today, I noticed A LOT OF PINK things flowering.... hmmm, perhaps next post?

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