Sunday, 1 December 2013

Salad Days

Look what I picked today..... zuchinni, tomatoes and cucumber - and that's just the beginning.
I love growing vegetables, fruit and herbs. Have done for over 16 years. There is nothing quite so satisfying as picking your own tomatoes or munching on a snow pea whilst pottering.
I don't use any chemicals or artificial fertilisers either - may as well just buy your F&Veg from a supermarket if you want chemically treated food. I don't get many pests and disease either, cause I don't tamper with the balance of nature

My vegetable garden consists of six large semi raised beds, which are crop rotated seasonally.

It`s the beginning of summer here in Sydney, and we`ve finally had some good rain to get everything lush and productive. Tomato season is always popular here - everyone has a go cause they taste so good straight from the garden and they`re easy to grow in our long hot days. You just have to protect them from some of our nasty pests like fruit fly. I find that simply bagging the fruit whilst on the vine is the simplest organic way. Hanging lures and traps also helps reduce the threat.

Leafy greens like picking lettuce (not the hearting kind) and ruby chard (a brilliant stemmed spinach)
are also looking great at the moment. The rhubarb is also big and lush thanks to the rain.

You wont believe how big the zucchini plants are and how much they produce
The vegie gardens are full of yummy goodies - the question is...can we eat it all?
Lebanese cucumbers

sweet potato (kumera)

beetroot ( and a little helper)
mmm, blackberries
course, everyone needs a lemon tree. This ones a Meyer lemon.
Early days for the watermelon
Oh, there`s lots more yummy treasures coming along like strawberries, nectarines, apples and even pomegranates, not to mention the zesty kaffir lime, mint and lemongrass.
I`ll show you some more another blog time

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