Friday, 22 November 2013

Life`s a Pond

We live on  1.5 acres and a pond was always on the cards. So when we needed a lot of fill for our outdoor entertainment area, we dug out a pond! It`s as big as a small dam and we had a butyl liner specially shaped and welded to fit. That was 15 years ago and time and nature have made it as natural as if it was always there.

I always wanted a water feature that nestled into the landscape and so I read every book in the library on the subject, spoke to people in the know...and like most things in our garden, said - I can do this.

A friend of ours gave us seven koi fish out of their dam 15 yrs ago. We now have an over-crowding problem and need to remove a lot of the black ones - you can`t see them as well as the gold and orange ones. Not an easy job as there are too many spots to hide! The waterlilies and oxygenating plants have taken over and need heavy pruning each year, they also hide the fish spawn and protect the babies so they happily multiply at a frightening rate.

A lizard tail plant and some of the koi.

Waterlilies protect the fish from predators and host all types of pond visitors

A visiting dragonfly

                      Skinks or drop tail lizards run about the pond - they`re only tiny little critters

In the cool of the evening, the pond is a restful and tranquil environment to sit and reflect on the days gardening achievements

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