Friday, 4 April 2014

A visit to the Hunter Valley Gardens

I was spoilt last week with a 3 day get away with my husband to the Hunter Valley, one of the largest wine growing regions in New South Wales. Full of vineyards, wine tasting, amazing food and great accommodation, we had a marvellous time.
We were actually married there, at the Golden Grape Estate over 25 years ago, and went in search of the vineyard but couldn`t find it! Boy a lot has changed in those years.
Something else that wasn`t there all those years ago is the Beautiful Hunter Valley Gardens, boasting Australia`s largest display gardens. They span about 60 acres with over 8 kms of pathways! Phew, that`s a lot of we started the day with the little guided train tour to get our bearings and some general info from the guide. Then we headed off on foot to really discover all the hidden treasures.

 Here`s a few interesting facts...
*  Created by Bill and Imelda Roche as a garden to outlast generations that will bring joy to many.
*  Construction began in 1999 and was officially opened in 2003
*  Over 6000 trees, 600,000 shrubs and 1,000,000 ground covers.
*  100 km of underground irrigation piping
*  Over 500,000 annuals planted each year    (oh my back aches just thinking of planting them!)

 So, are you ready to take the virtual tour with us? we go ...

                             My excitement was building as we passed the colourful main entrance.
                   I have put off visiting for many years, waiting for more maturity of trees and shrubs.
                                       Don't forget to click on each picture for a better look!
Roses massed planted around the lakes
       Imelda Roche`s rose garden is called `A Grandmothers Garden`
The bronze sculptures represent her grandchildren and are known as
`Expressions of love`
Massed planting of 8000 roses in a corkscrew design. What colour and scent! 
Bird bath bowls throughout the gardens full of fresh roses. I`m going to do this at home.
Viewing platform above the `Sunken Garden` which boasts a 10 metre waterfall.

Wide walkways with scenic views
Fun for children and adults - `The Storybook Garden`
Jack and Jill

Gingerbread House

Hey Diddle Diddle
Humpty Dumpty
Alices Mad Hatters Tea Party
Gardens boast many topiary visions ` very high maintenance

`Border Garden` viewed from another high viewing platform.

Large café surrounded by a lake and wonderful views over a glass of wine with lunch

Entrance to the `Oriental Garden`

The red pagoda and bridge are surrounded by water and birdlife 

The `Formal Garden` with classic European style and a `Wishing Fountain`
        Original 180 year old Elephant Gates flanked by bronze elephants are the entrance
to the `Indian Mosaic Garden`

This garden is surrounded by Curry Leaf trees to excite the senses.
Chinese Moongate

Life size sculptures fill nooks

I hope you enjoyed your visual tour and hope you may be able to visit the garden one day
to really appreciate its beauty
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