Thursday, 3 July 2014

Yep, I bought a glasshouse

Only it isn't glass - it`s Perspex. I`m quite excited cause Ive always wanted one. I love the English conservatory style glasshouse, but this ones definitely not like that, although I plan to make it pretty, as well as functional. It`s going to be a hard working, and productive little space for seedlings and cuttings, and of course to protect tender plants in our cold winter. It`s already frosty in the mornings. We are still building the shelving for inside, but of course I cant wait, and have already put lots of plants in.

We`ve had loads of cold and windy Winter days and freezing nights, and I`ve closeted myself in already, even though it`s not even finished. Ooooh, it`s so warm and cosy in there! I just hope it wont be too baking hot in there in summer though. I`m hoping it will get plenty of shade in summer from the big Golden Elm tree nearby.

What a challenge it was, putting it all together. Soooo many componants and sizes of nuts, bolts and panels .Everything was numbered and put together with step by step precision. Mr Beatle was a great help and had endless patience whilst I read the 68 step manual and collected the bits and pieces needed for each step. We were lucky enough to have a suitable concrete pad to build it on and it`s been bolted down for added strength. It`s a solid little structure with two little air vent windows and a magnetised door. I already love it!

This is how we did it. Here we go....... step one, lay out all the parts. BLOODY HELL are there some parts!

A LOT of parts, with different size nuts and bolts and screws. Blimey.
It`s slow going - step by step
It`s starting to take shape now
Time for lunch. Good effort so far and not much arguing either.
By the end of the day it was nearly finished (and we`re still married) phew!
Now to build the benches. We had to purchase these bits separately as no shelves came in the kit. And yes, I`ve already started moving plants in and around.
When she`s up and running properly I`ll show you what`s growing on in there..... hopefully loads of seedlings and cuttings to sell at my Open Garden in Spring.
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