Saturday, 19 September 2015

Wisteria malfunction - oh dear

The wisteria surrounding the veranda is 18 years old. And in full bloom. It`s just amazing. The fragrance is sweet and strong and the bees are going crazy. But yesterday we had unseasonal strong hot winds. Yep, the wire broke and down she came. Oh not all the way - for the first time I`m grateful that a branch has grown up under the gutter and into the roof, holding the whole lot off the ground. The question is... will it pull the guttering down?

Even galvanised wire wont last forever...

It`s really heavy... and we are expecting rain... oh boy.

And of course my husband is away at the moment, so I thought I could shore it up with some timber to at least save the weight on the guttering. Not going to happen. I cant believe how heavy it is in full flower - won`t budge, just too darned heavy. I cant see out past the wall of flowers that are hitting the ground. This mass is usually right up high.

I`m surrounded by wisteria at the moment. This beautiful area is at the front gate, and is where I took the cuttings for around the verandah all those years ago.

Spring is shaping up to be one of the best in years and don`t forget the garden will be open for one day only in October this year, so if your close enough to come and have a look we`d love to see you.

Bloomfield Cottage open day - 18th October 2015
174B Linden Cresent, Cranebrook, NSW

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