Thursday, 10 September 2015

Bare, Naked, and Beautiful...the garden that is

It`s the second week of Spring, 2015, and Iv`e only just finished pruning all the roses! I`m running really late this year. (thanks to a five week flu!!) but I`m back on track and powering into Spring.

Iv`e never really counted how many I have, although I have miles of diagrams and lists of these newer beds. I will count them up one day, although it changes from year to year as some that don`t do well get dug out and replaced. And this year, I planted out one of my seedling grown, Climbing Rose. It`s parent was Red Pierre D`Ronsard x Unknown. It has a strong and healthy growth so far, with luscious deep pink, tightly petaled flower heads, typical of the D`Rondards. An old world English type rose. Perhaps I`ll call it `My English Rose`. It would be classed as an Australian bred rose. If it is in flower on the garden`s Open Day this October, we might have a suggestion box for the name? 

OPEN DAY, did I hear you think???   Yes

But this year we are only opening  FOR ONE DAY ONLY , to coincide with the

  ROSES AT THEIR VERY BEST and our local Rose Society show. I hope to put up some beautiful roses and perhaps win a ribbon or two.

Free entry, plant and garden magazine stall, tea/coffee


I`ll keep you local folks posted, and of course for all my blog visitors I will show you how we go from bare and barren to lush, colourful, fragrant and just darned beautiful. Look at how gorgeous the new foliage is so far and I haven`t even fertilized yet!

Spring has just arrived and It`s going to be a superb season, so keep posted, and happy gardening...

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