Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Froggy Boy and that other strange thingy.

Froggy Boy lives in my greenhouse. He mostly lives in a tall thin jar that has water in it and an ivy growing roots. I don't know where he came from, we generally don't get frogs up around the house even though we have the large pond some distance away. Anyway, Froggy Boy has been keeping me company for a few months now, in his jar. I replace the water every now and then with rainwater from the tank when he is not at home. I don`t know where he goes when he`s not in his jar but he usually turns up next time I`m in the greenhouse. He has plenty of mosquitos to eat - not sure what else he dines on though.

I moved the jar today into a spot where he has more foliage when he climbs out. Hope he approves.

And this is the other odd thingamy,  hanging off the handle of my clothesline.
It`s a cocoon of some sort, a moth or butterfly I suppose. You always think I`ll keep an eye on it and see what comes out. But you usually just find an empty cocoon one day. I`ll try to keep a close watch on it to share with you when it comes out.

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