Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Wisteria woes and wows

Wisteria is one of those very memorable flowers that just about anyone can identify, but how many of you LIVE with a wisteria? If your lucky enough to have one in view but not at your house, then you get all the benefits without all the pesty bits. What pesty bits I hear you say.... Oh there's plenty.

I often laughingly refer to wisteria time as gas mask month. I know, makes it sound horrid, but if you suffer allergies it's either the gas mask or a lot of allergy tablets. And of course, although the fragrance is to die for, it can be soooo overpoweringly cloying at times, you may need that gas mask again!

Now, everyone loves a verandah covered in wisteria, BUT, all those pretty lavender petals drop continually for the flowering period (about 6 weeks). Oh yes, they carpet the ground and the pavers ever so prettily - THEN EVERYONE WALKS THEM INSIDE!
OK, I'm calm again, can you tell it drives me crazy?

So, after weeks of sweeping the verandah daily, the gorgeous display is over, only now, it's growing time! Wisteria grows before your very eyes and even more so if there's been rain. The long whippy growth reaches out and tangles together with rampant abandon. Pruning is required every three weeks or else no-one can get to the front door.

Now I know it sounds like I'm doing a fair bit of whinging here, but the penalty is high if you love to grow wisteria. Twice a year we have to get out the big ladder and get up and under the roof, cause this vigorous climber loves to invade gutters and roofs. Have I put you off yet? Well here's one more reason to give this plant serious thought before planting - it suckers up through the garden bed too!
This pretty flowering climber IS NOT FOR THE FEINT HEARTED. It will give you a lifetime of joy and a lifetime of work. 

This 20 year old shrub is by my front gate. It now owns the fence as well.

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