Friday, 27 September 2013

Looking out from the inside

As I sit here at the kitchen table, I can see my beautiful front garden and verandah through the large sliding windows. This garden is always full of colour and interest - cool and shady in summer, sunny in winter.

When we built this house, sixteen years ago, 'views' were paramount. The blokes surveying our building site thought I was crazy siting the house where we did on our 1.5 acre block - little did they know the future plans for garden beds, paths and vistas! From every window you can see a different garden view. This is from my kitchen window over the sink - helps when having to wash up!.
And this, through the kitchen door
We have French doors which frame views from the family room into the rear of the property -
and also in my bedroom. If I`m lucky enough to have a lazy morning, I open my French doors, make a cup of tea and hop back into bed. This is what I see from bed -
                                     And this lovely view is from one of my daughters room

With a bit of good planning and a lot of gardening over the years, we have created a life full of wonderful views through all the seasons.

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