Friday, 5 July 2013

Finally I've been to the Chelsea Flower Show...

It's the middle of winter here in Sydney, Australia. I've just gotten home from my first big holiday to the UK and Europe, where it is of course - summer. This grand adventure had been timed to visit the Chelsea Garden Show, and because I am a member of the Royal Horticultral Society, we got tickets to one of the two days prior to the general public admission. What a fabulous event! Not only was it a celebration of 100 years of Chelsea, the Aussies finally won grand champion in the landscaping category!
The British certainly do take gardening to a whole new level. With a shorter growing season than Australia they pack a whole lot in with vengeance. It is always such a treat to see so many of thier lovely tender plants that I can only dream of growing in our extreme hot summers. Peonies and clematis were without doubt the belles of the ball, and given that they had such dismal cold weather that went right through spring, it's a wonder they had anything to show at all!
Practically everything was hothouse raised and many a grower grumbled over their hard won blooms, but to the many like me, that came from far and wide, it was without doubt a spectacular display at every turn.
So now I'm home, it's cold and wet, but I'm planning and dreaming of my spring display....




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