Sunday, 28 April 2013

Everyone loves a Rose catalogue!

Who doesn't love flicking through a catalogue whilst sipping a great cuppa. What's even more exiting for gardening junkies is the annual arrival of assorted rose catalogues offering every kind of rose imaginable by post. Well of course there's no more room for any more.....every year this is my mantra......and then I get down to the business of where I can squeeze just a few more in.
Who can resist the glossy pictures proclaiming chaliced shaped blooms with a myrrh fragrance or large pink rosettes of old world character with a delightful fruity scent. So of course I've ordered 5 or 6 roses - not many compared to my 40 and more I've planted the last couple of years. Now I just have to wait till the middle of July to receive my bundle of bare rooted sticks (fancy getting excited about that) and start digging yet more holes. Oh dear, another catalogue has just arrived in the mail. Well I definitely don't have any more room for any more....or do I?

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