Friday, 19 February 2016

See what comes out of this odd little cocoon...........

I found this funny cocoon thing the other day. Iv`e never seen one like it before - and I can tell you that over 30 years of gardening, iv`e seen plenty of weird insect eggs, sac`s and cocoons. But this one was a slightly corky little thing, with a tiny hole in one end. Such a cleverly built little thing, which was securely attached to a branch of wisteria.

Have you ever seen one of these before? Well I hadn't, so I cut it off the branch and bought it inside. I put it on the window ledge in the kitchen in a vase of water so I could photograph it, which I did some days later. My daughter said 'yuk, what is that' and I said I don't know, some sort of cocoon.

'Don't leave it there - what if something comes out', was her initial response. 'Oh it's not going to hatch overnight' was mine.

So it sat there on the window sill for a good 10 days, until one morning, I came into the kitchen to find hundreds of creepy little insects all over the window glass and bench tops. 

Luckily my daughter and husband were still in bed! Thank goodness they hadn't yet traveled too far around the kitchen, and were still isolated to the window and sink area. As you can guess, I raced for the insect killer spray and quickly sprayed the crap out of them! I had goose bumps and the creeps!

After gloving up and finding the old dish cloth I removed all the dead little bugs before my family saw them! Ha, nothing worse than your 22 yr old daughter telling you 'I told you so'.

Well she was right, and I learnt my lesson - don't bring any suspicious insect nests in to the house!
I'm still not sure what they were, but I suspect they are a hatchling of a wasp or perhaps grasshopper? I'm so glad I only just caught them crawling about everywhere - imagine if I got up and the nest was empty and they had all disappeared throughout the house! There were hundreds of them! Argh, that doesn't bear thinking about.

Please leave a comment if you think you know what the little critters were. I searched the net but there are just so many weird little cocoons. I've since found two more cocoons outside - which is where I will leave them - lesson learnt.

Deaddie insects. 

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