Friday, 16 January 2015

My goregous Hot Summer Garden - 2014 / 2015

It`s been Hot, it`s been Wet, it`s been Humid! What the heck? None of us, including the garden, are sure what`s going on and needless to say we`ve been mowing lush lawn twice a week! But it`s sooo hot and very humid where we are inland from Sydney and the sun is at it`s burning best with temps in the high 30`s most days. So naturally the garden has gone mad too. I have had to prune back miles of lush overgrown foliage and of course do battle with endless and relentless WEEDS!

Even the back lanes look great at the moment.

So it`s time to show you my lush summer garden......

The Roses are all enjoying the extra water. They were also given a good dose of Epsom Salts!  A great natural mineral to aid healthy growth.

Keeping edges and lawns neat is a full time job at the moment.

Of course the more blooms and growth, the more pruning and feeding is needed. I have been slack with the fertilisers this year, but what a boost for the garden to have bucket loads of rain full of ozone from all the afternoon storms.

Madame President is looking her best. Have a look at some of the other fabulous roses... 

The Vegie Patch looks great BUT the Tomatos have been overloaded with rain and are having a bad year with fungal disease. Still fighting blasted Fruit Fly which is stinging everything in sight!

The summer perennials are all starting to show off, like the perennial Phlox, Vincas and of course it`s the beginning of Dahlia flowering time. Big bold show offs. They must be staked to keep them upright and dead headed and fertilised regularly to keep the flowers BIG.

Our hot Summer favorites are just starting to show off - Crepe Myrtles. What a bold splash of colour.

Well I hope you enjoyed my garden as much as I have. Please leave a comment if you enjoyed this post. I`m always happy to reply.

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