Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Oh, now that`s just pretty.....

After such a bleak hot summer, the rains have finally come, bringing masses of lush growth and a burst of flowers everywhere. So this post is just about some much need soul soothing. Nothing makes me feel such a deep sense of peace and joy as when I wander about the garden and see so many pretty scenes, the earth damp under foot and the smell of rich soil bursting with life. This is when gardening soothes the soul and you know it`s all worth it.

I shouldn`t be amazed, but I always am, at how the garden comes back to life in such a short time after good rains. Here in Sydney our late summer rains come with a heady mixture of thunder and lightening. This rain, full of electrified ozone is incredibly effective for reviving the garden, as it fills the air with nitrogen! And before your very eyes, pretty scenes appear throughout the garden.

Because I have basically a cottage style garden,  many flowers self sow themselves into great little pictures. Nature knows how to get it just right. We humans always tend to plant in patterns and rows that, while might look neat, always looks contrived. I must confess that my compulsion for neatness does tend to temp me to rearrange seedlings that come up where you don't want them, but it`s usually these random escapees that look the best if you let them go.

The roses have picked up and are all showing off as only they can. This is `Duet`.

A large bowl of petunias and self sown lobelia are making a good show.

If only you could smell the Brugmansia at dusk - heavenly

Dear little `Calabrachoa` have also perked up.

This huge Solanum Royal Robe has grown through the pot and stands over two metres tall. It hasn`t stopped flowering for months - what a great display.

I thought I`d lost these verbena during the hot dry weather, just a few slicks left. They are so vibrant when you drive past them now.

So I`m feeling much better now the garden is smiling and the tanks are all full.

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