Monday, 21 October 2013

Spring went straight to hell...

Only a matter of six weeks ago, spring had finally arrived after a long but mild winter.The soils were moist and warming, lush green shoots emerging, flowers opening in soft pretty colours. Daily I would wander about marvelling at the perfection of a pansy and watching the magic of wisteria unfold. We didn`t get any rain during winter, just one or two light showers to clean the dust off the leaves - not enough to deeply water. As spring progressed, the rain water tanks levels got lower - still no rain.

And now, a mere 6 weeks later, this is what my garden looks like....

Water is the life force and without it drought overcomes. What little water is left is used to keep the established trees and shrubs alive.

Very smokey from the Blue Mountains fires which have come within a few kms when the fires jumped the Nepean river last week.

We still have another 5 weeks left of spring before summer hits. Gale force winds with temps over  40 degrees has taken it`s toll. My rainwater tanks, all 40,000 litre,s are empty now. We must use tap water which is slow and painful as we are at the end of a very long driveway, past three other acreage properties, so water pressure is low, especially if the neighbours are using their water. 

This is the part of gardening that takes it's toll and unfortunately we cant control the weather, so we will just battle on and try and keep the bones of the garden alive.

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